About ABLE

Who We Are

The Association for Bioskills Laboratory Excellence (ABLE) is organized as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) trade association with its headquarters in Las Vegas NV. ABLE is comprised of individuals working within the Bioskills industry, including members of private, corporate, and government-operated facilities, donor centers, as well as medical education and research institutions. Membership in ABLE consists of individuals who serve as owners, operators or employees of Bioskills laboratories, tissue providers, healthcare vendors, healthcare professionals and associations who support the mission of ABLE. ABLE is devoted to advancing public policies in the U.S. and around the world that support innovative medical research, yield progress for patients today and provide hope for the treatments and cures of tomorrow.

What We Believe

The members of ABLE believe that Bioskills education plays a crucial role in Healthcare. We accept as self-evident that hands-on Bioskills education is essential to enhancing the skills of Physicians, improving medical practice safety, and improving patient outcomes. It is our position that continued support and expansion of Bioskills education is foundational to America’s leadership in Healthcare quality, safety and patient outcomes today, and provides hope for the treatments and success of untreatable diseases tomorrow.

ABLE believes in effective advocacy for public policies that encourage the use of Bioskills education to advance Physician skills, reduce procedure costs, improve safety, and ultimately enhance patient outcomes. To accomplish this mission, ABLE is dedicated to achieving these goals at the State level, Federal level, and across the globe:

ENCOURAGE the practice of hands-on Bioskills education to improve Physician skills.

EXPAND the applications of Bioskills education across medical specialties through the development of new Bioskills applications and technologies.

BROADEN access to, and appropriate controls for the safe, ethical, use of non-transplant anatomical specimens within the Bioskills industry.

ENHANCE communication among ABLE members, Bioskills education sponsors, and the Physicians that need and use Bioskills to enhance their understanding of medical procedures and the human body.

ESTABLISH policy positions on issues that affect members of ABLE and the Bioskills industry as a whole.

GUIDE and promote the issues and interests that are important to Bioskills laboratory professionals.

DEFINE industry Standards and Practice Guidelines for the Bioskills industry to ensure uniform criteria of quality in Bioskills education, and compliance to all legal and regulatory requirements.