ABLE Board of Directors

Robin Bozarth, President

Robin Bozarth is the Manager of Compliance and Quality Assurance for the Medical Education Research Institute (MERI). Robin has been with MERI since 2003. MERI is a nonprofit medical teaching and training school/bioskills lab in Memphis, TN. Robin holds an Associates of Applied Science Degree and is a licensed Funeral Director in the State of TN. She is a Certified Tissue Banking Specialist (CTBS) through the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) since 2012.CQA (Certified Quality Auditor) certified as of February 2019. Robin has served in the healthcare industry for over twenty-five years. She is a professional member of many societies and involved in many community-based volunteer programs. Robin has been a member of ABLE for nine years and was recently reelected to the board in 2019 for a second term.

Kelley Bennett, Secretary

Kelley is the Director of Clinical Partnership and Training& Education at GCMI. GCMI is a non-profit organization that accelerates the development of innovative medical products that improve quality based outcomes and delivery of healthcare for patients, through design & development, testing & training, and full life cycle product support. Kelley has 25+ years of experience in healthcare, research, and Bioskills. Experience includes 8 years at GCMI, 11 years in human transplant operations, 9 years as a surgical technologist and surgical first assistant, and 2 years in forensic science. Kelley holds a BS in Human Services Management (BSHS), a Diploma in Surgical Technology (CST), and a Certificate in tissue banking (CTBS) from AATB since 1996. She has been a member of ABLE since 2014 and serving on the ABLE board of directors since 2018.

Linda Wojcik, Treasurer

Linda Wojcik, MBA, PMP- Executive Director / EXCELEN Center for Bone & Joint Research and Education (EXCELEN).
Linda joined the team at EXCELEN in 2013. Linda has played an instrumental role in achieving and maintaining EXCELENS’ ISO 17025 Accreditation. Linda enjoys working with a large variety of customers and medical specialties, as well as partnering with high school educators to facilitate exploration of careers in medicine, science and engineering. Prior to working for EXCELEN, Linda managed or directed preclinical studies and staff at Boston Scientific, Guidant Corporation, ACORN Cardiovascular, SCIMED Life Systems, and the University of Minnesota Experimental Surgical Services (ESS).

James Bardsley

James is the Director of Operations and CSO at the Anatomy Gifts Registry (AGR), a non-profit whole-body donation program, which is an AATB-Accredited Non-Transplant Anatomic Donation Organization (NADO), which also operates an in-house bioskills laboratory and an on-site crematory. Although he was born into non-transplant tissue banking and tried to avoid the family business for a number of years, James has been working with AGR since 2004 in positions from tissue recovery and distribution technician, bioskills lab manager, and client services manager, before moving up to upper management and eventual directorship. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Towson University with two Bachelor of Science degrees; a tri-disciplinary degree in microbiology, biochemistry, and bioinformatics, and another in cellular biology. James also obtained an Associate of Applied Science degree in Mortuary Science, and is a licensed Mortician in the state of Maryland. James has been a certified tissue banking specialist (CTBS) since 2010. James also obtained a crematory operator certification in 2014. His years of experience within AGR and his education in the sciences make him a valuable asset to AGR for managing its operations and handling complex researcher requests, such as tissues/dissections to meet requirements for biomechanical studies and device testing. Meanwhile, his mortuary education is useful for anatomical preservations, communicating with referrers and transporters, as well as mortuary law, as it often pertains to body donation and modes of final disposition.

Joe Leonard

Mr. Leonard’s bio is forthcoming.

Terence McIff

Terence is Associate Professor of Orthopedic Surgery at the University of Kansas Medical Center where he holds the Neff/Wiebe Endowed Chair for Orthopedic Biomechanics. He directs the KU Orthopedic Research and Education Center. He has his PhD in bioengineering from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow Scotland. His PhD research was performed at the AO Research Center in Davos, Switzerland where he also worked as head of the mechanical testing section. He received an MBA from Yale University. Terence conducts bioskills and research training for the KU orthopedic residency program. His center also provides bioskills training resources for various internal and external surgical groups. He teaches and works with students from a wide range of disciplines including Physical Therapy, Occupational Health, Medicine, Mechanical Engineering and Bioengineering. His research is broadly focused with areas of work including infection, drug delivery, implant design and development, biomaterials, and spine biomechanics. Terence is a member of several professional societies including AAOS, ORS, ASME, and SFB where he serves on various committees. He is also a long-time reviewer for the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery.